GOZSDU MISSION the latest attraction of Gozsdu Udvar recently celebrated its 1st birthday. After fulfilling the mission you get immediately into the middle of the most eventful part of the city, full of restaurants and bars.

The task is simple: you are locked in a room and have to find your way out in one hour through solving several tasks by using your logic and skills. Time is ticking and the secrets are only slowly revealed.

White Mission

Difficulty: 10/10

Best for: 4-7 players

Duration: 90'

Prison Mission

Difficulty: 7/10

Best for: 2-4 players

Duration: 60'

Maffia Mission

Difficulty: 9/10

Best for: 3-6 players

Duration: 75'

GOZSDU MISSION provides the well-known escape game with high standards:

Thought-out ,diverse and carefully tested tasks: Instead of schema-based, ad hoc tasks  a game built on the combination of tasks was created. Each task requires a new skill, but neither of them takes too much time from the game.

Nicely designed, attractive, clean interior: Instead of a dirty basement an attractive, clean interior with newly built restrooms is awaiting guests. 

Separate wardrobe in each room: You don’t have to take your coats and bags to the playing field or leave them outside where everybody has access to them as each room has its own wardrobe that can be locked. 

Authentic environment, matching tasks: A light bulb in an Egyptian tomb is quite disappointing therefore great attention was paid to make the rooms and the tasks as realistic and authentic as possible. 

Parallel games: A part of the tasks can be solved in parallel, this way no one is going to be bored.

No misleading threads: We believe that it is not looking for, but solving the task that is adventurous therefore we made them rather easy to identify and clear.