White Mission

Difficulty: 10/10   Best for: 4-7 players   Duration: 90'

Can you escape from an empty room? The key is right in front of you all the time, but you can get it only if you solve the mystery of the strange room and discover what an empty room can hide…

Prison Mission

Difficulty: 7/10    Best for: 2-4 players   Duration: 60'

Would you try escaping from a real prison room? Now you can test yourself in a really thought-provoking game. Escaping requires insight, combination skills and team work. Can you get out?

Maffia Mission

Difficulty: 9/10    Best for: 3-6 players   Duration: 75'

You have to complete Don Francesco's mysterious request within one hour, before the police get there. To solve the task you need clear logic, ingenuity and sometimes real out of the box thinking...